September 25, 2019

Hi all,

Just wanted to update you all now that we are getting close to starting rehearsals. 

1) A couple of the cast have an issue with the proposed dates as they are involved in a dance show. Would anybody have any issues if we change the dates to Friday 13th & Saturday 14th December?

2) Our original director has unfortunately had to rescind their offer to direct. Instead I will take the lead, along with Dorothy to make sure that the show goes ahead. There may be some rehearsals that are taken by somebody else as I am already committed to rehearsals for a different play. This will have no affect whatsoever on the performance. It just means that you may see different people at rehearsal.

Please let me know if you have any issues or concerns. I will send out a rehearsal schedule on Friday (with the dates of performance listed) and then put the tickets up for sale. Either way the first rehearsal will be Friday 4th October.

Ben Kilburn, 


March 29, 2019

Firstly I just want to congratulate all of the children on an absolutely outstanding series of auditions. They made our job incredibly difficult and it took a long time to build what we believe will be an incredible cast.

Anyone of them could have taken any of the parts but the casting committee had to think very carefully about who could play opposite who and which small teams would make the best groups.

We're very excited to be starting rehearsal on  Wednesday 3rd April.

Robin Hood                   Ben W

Maid Marion                  Jessica L

Sheriff                            Charlotte R

Deputy                           Alfie C

King Richard                 Lydia T

Will Scarlett                  Charlie K...

What a knockout performance by The Bethel Crowd's Jnr workshop at WACO's bank holiday event! 

It was great to be invited again to be involved in this hugely popular event and we were more than happy to agree, despite nearly being washed away in the torrential  rain last year. Thankfully (despite  the thunderstorms over the weekend) this year turned out to  be perfect weather for an outing.

The wonderfully talented cast of youngsters performed 5 up beat songs from their upcoming production of Cinderella & Rockerfella including 2 duets. For many of our youngsters, this was the first time they had performed in front of a crowd and they were fantastic. 

You don't have long  now to book your tickets for the production. 

Tickets:  £4

Phone: 01942 790578

web: ticketsource




What a difficult task we had casting the show this year! The caliber of all the auditions we saw was truly exceptional and the production team and I are excited to start rehearsals on Friday.

We had a record number of children come to be involved this year and managed to see 60 auditions over the course of the afternoon. It was wonderful to see the vast improvement our returning performers have made and lovely to see so much new talent. 

We only started looking at who could part at around 5:00pm and it took us until 5:30pm to assign the first part. Once this was done it was easier to match other performers to their look and style and the process moved a lot quicker.

As ever, it is a terribly difficult task to cast a production, even more so when all the auditionees are good. There are many factors that the audition panel must take into account when assigning roles. Here are just a few that we have considered:



Singing ability

Acting ability

Interaction with other performers


Hi everyone,

First, it was great to see so many new and old members tonight and welcome if you have just decided to get involved now.

Auditions will start on Sunday at 1:00pm and will be done in character groups (eg, all the Cinderellas, Dan Deeneys etc). Once you have auditioned you will be free to leave. All cast will be contacted by phone or email by Tuesday with the outcome of their audition. 

Each person may audition for up to 2 parts, including chorus. 

Auditions will cost £1 + all cast members must pay a membership fee of £5 on the day (This will cover them for performances during the next year).

Each audition will consist of a song and an acting part. Please ensure you have rehearsed both of these thoroughly before the day to give you the best chance of getting a part.

If you have any questions, please contact us

Audition materials

Audition Dance Video

Auditions Dos and Don'ts


DO take the time to prepare your audition material – memorize the monologue and lyrics and reh...

Well, after the success of our Junior Workshop's Wind in the Williows it's time to start getting ready for our 2017 pantomime Puss In Boots. It's sure to be great fun for all those involved and as ever we will be holding open auditions.

The first meeting is on Wendesday 22nd June at 7:17pm. 

This will likely only last an hour, and it's a great chance to come down and get to know our production team and committee members. You'll get to find out what is required at the auditions, learn the song and read the parts. 

Auditions will be on Sunday 26th June at 1:00pm

This will be run as quickly as possible. Because we hold open auditions, it is impossible to provide a running order. Participants are welcome to remain at the Bethel or we will contact you as soon as possible.

I look forward to seeing lots of new faces!

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