September 27, 2014

Alice was my first show at the Bethel, and I have loved every minute of it. I’ve acted in a couple of shows at school before, and I really enjoyed that, but acting at the Bethel has been completely different. Everyone is friendly and helpful, there’s a lot of friendly banter between the cast and the crew, and it all came together to make a brilliant show. 


I was nervous going into the auditions, as it was the first time I’d done any acting outside of school. However, I must have done fairly well, as I got the role I auditioned for: Lewis Carroll, the narrator. Getting started with the rehearsals was good fun, but we also had to knuckle down and start working pretty quickly, as...

September 16, 2014


Well, this was an interesting venture. After creating this site, we noticed that it had the feature to add a video to the blog. Awesome.


At least that's what we thought. Turns out that in order to have a video, not only do you need one (which we didn't have) but you need a youtube account, in order to host the video for your blog. Absolute faff!


However, it didn't take long to set up the account, and our junior editor is currently working on a lovely banner for the site, but we still didn't have a video.


Luckily for us, Emma Duck was down at dress rehearsal snapping some amazing photographs. All it took was work's ipad, the show's overture (sped up) and a little bit of time to create this little beauty. Not bad for a night's work eh?


Hopefully, you enjoyed the video and saw the show (honestly, the children are astounding) and want to come back for more.


We'll be back on at weekend to talk about the show run and give you a behind the seens look at the wrap party.





September 13, 2014


What a weekend! We are all exhausted.


Most of you will know that this weekend was the opening of Alice, the Musical, our Youth Theatre production this year. I have to say that the children were phenominal! They have all worked extremely hard and come a long way since the auditions. Everybody has been extremely complimentative of the production and we appreciate the support of everybody who has attended. 


Unfortunately, ticket sales were not as high as we had hoped, especially as we now have the new way to book (online) however, it appears that people are telling their friends because our evening performances have already surpassed their couterparts from last week.


Hopefully, we can all get some sleep this week, ready for round two!


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