An excellent start for Wind in the Willows!

Hi all.

I'm taking this opportunity, while Helena is teaching a few dances, to give you all some insight into our brand new Youth Production of Wind in the Willows.

You know, it's always daunting starting a new show, particularly when it comes so close to the end of the last but we must be doing something right this time. Every rehearsal the parents are coming in earlier and earlier to take a sneaky peek at our show. They have given some fantastic feedback and we're looking forward to improving in the months ahead.

It has been a real treat to have such a large cast for this show (27), although I'm pretty sure the costume department are sweating and stage crew are considering building an extension to the stage in order to accomodate them all.

The large cast is something which is all Emma's (director -Little Shop of Horrors) fault for challenging me to create a show where all the cast remained on stage at all times. Obviously I accepted (should've made a bet on it first) and now Helena has fallen out with me because it has made her job more difficult as well.

It's certainly going to be a challenge, though one I am confident the children can handle. After all, they turned up to the first rehearsal having learnt all their songs at home and were mostly off script. Seriously putting the adults to shame! Are you paying attention ***** and ***** (I'm told not to mention names)?

Anyway, please come down to support our youngest members who are learning their craft. They work so hard and deserve the appreciation.

Head on over to Ticketsource to buy tickets at the amazing price of £4

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