Now you see them... lighting Wind in the Willows

"Well that's it, my work is done. There's nothing more I can do for you now."

That's what most director's are saying at this point as they hand over the reigns of the show to the Stage Manager and technical crew. It's not true though. We still have our thoughts and ideas which we want to make sure happens. Not that we really have a separate technical crew here at the Bethel. Side note: if you are interested in the technical side of theatre, please let us know. Instead it's just me sat behind the laptop screen swirling lights round to give the set the finishing touches needed to bring it to life.

To be fair, we do have a relatively easy program to control the five LEDs on our stage (yes, we have bought a new one... again) and it really does help create the atmosphere for the shows. As I'm sure those of you who have come to the last few shows have noticed, we are better at controlling them and beginning to experiment with a more nuanced wash. Hopefully we'll master them after a few more shows.

These last few rehearsals tend to be the most difficult for our cast because they get bored. It can take a good five or ten minutes to set each lighting state and, during the last show there was 187 of them. It can become very tedious standing around. However we have some great young members this year who have, so far, behaved extremely well, making it much easier for everyone. They'll love it when we've finished and they can get their costume on at dress rehearsal on Wednesday... and then it's OPENING NIGHT (thanks Producers!).

Now it's time to get going to rehearsal, pick up a costa and finish setting those lighting states for Act 1 - if we can get that done, we'll have a great time on Sunday... if we can't, well it won't be the first technical rehearsal to make me cry!


edit - We nearly got to the end of ACT 1 only a couple of cues off. We currently stand at 50 lighting states created and saved. Fingers crossed for Sunday.

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