Oh Yes it is!

Well, after the success of our Junior Workshop's Wind in the Williows it's time to start getting ready for our 2017 pantomime Puss In Boots. It's sure to be great fun for all those involved and as ever we will be holding open auditions.

The first meeting is on Wendesday 22nd June at 7:17pm.

This will likely only last an hour, and it's a great chance to come down and get to know our production team and committee members. You'll get to find out what is required at the auditions, learn the song and read the parts.

Auditions will be on Sunday 26th June at 1:00pm

This will be run as quickly as possible. Because we hold open auditions, it is impossible to provide a running order. Participants are welcome to remain at the Bethel or we will contact you as soon as possible.

I look forward to seeing lots of new faces!

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