Rehearsal schedule & important information

Dear parents/carers of cast members,

Firstly, thank you for allowing your child to be involved with our production of Cinderella & Rockerfella. We have a fantastic cast which will allow us to put on a fantastic show this year. Just to remind you that the show dates are Friday 16th June – Saturday 24th June with all days and times shown on the rehearsal schedule attached to the back of you audition pack.

Please read through the following points

  • Please can we ask, due to the amount of people with allergies, that nobody brings any snacks containing nuts.

  • There is no ‘trip’ to McDonald’s inbetween the shows. You must make arrangements for the care of your child between the matinee and evening performances.

  • There will be a central box for children to place their phones in at rehersal. This is to safegaurd your children following a number of incidences over the last few shows. We already have contact details for you in case of emergency so there is no need for the children to bring them to rehearsal.

  • Please can all cast members wear sensible clothing for dancing and moving (including shoes).

  • Please remember that other people use the building. The door being open does not necessarily mean that there is someone from the society present. Please make sure that you accompany your child into the building and sign them in yourself.

  • Please remember that rehearsal starts at 7:15 or 1:00pm, please arrive before this time to sign in and discuss anything with the production so we can start and finish on time.

  • Please inform us of any rehearsals that may be missed as soon as possible and at least 24 hours in advance. Non-attendance may cause your child to lose their part as we have people waiting to start with us.

  • If your child would like a hoodie, please complete the forma and return it with the money by 31st March.

We will endeavor to inform you as soon as possible about changes to the schedule (available here). Please keep your eye on your emails, our facebook/twitter account, our google calendar and our website for updates and the latest information.

Tickets are already available, with some seats on the front row already sold. To get your tickets please go to our website and click on the ticket tab.


The Bethel Crowd

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