AGM summary

Our annual general meeting was held last Wednesday evening and we thought we'd share with those of you who were unable to attend what happened. This a chance for us to review as a society the year that has just finished and what exciting new plans are on the horizon. It is also a chance for members of the society to be voted onto the committee as either a co-opted member or into a specific role or job.

Chairman's Report

Welcome everyone to our 2017 AGM.

Thanks to everyone who has helped us to make a success out of this year. We have put on some very

challenging shows throughout the past 12 months. I believe it is a record number of productions this

year; ‘Directing Dilemma’, ‘Wind in the Willows’, ‘Little Shop of Horrors’, ‘Silent Night’ and ‘Puss in

Boots’ in addition to a quiz night. Needless to say all of those involved in the committee are


It was great to perform a play written by a member of the society. Tom must be given a lot of credit

for the work he put into ‘Directing Dilemma’ not least of which was making sure that anybody who

wanted a part got one. A great time was had by all and it really started our season with a bang!

Then we had the wonderful ‘Wind in the Willows’ which brought us many new Youth members,

some of whom were truly outstanding in their roles. As our Junior Workshop is getting more and

more popular it is getting difficult to accommodate everyone on stage. We really struggled this year

with the numbers and it has led to us making the decision, alongside chaperoning ratios, to cap out

productions at 24 members.

After our trip to the English country side we went to Urban Skid Row in ‘Little Shop of Horrors’. This

production was a fantastic achievement made by 1st time director (musicals) Emma Dobinson and her

cast. Having a live band was fantastic and even bringing a full motorcycle in. We think the vocals and

dancing were outstanding and it is such a shame that we struggled to sell the tickets for various


We also had a lovely Christmas Show with some children starring in their own ‘Silent Night’ due to

the amount of interest in the pantomime. The children involved in this were fantastic and have learnt

many valuable skills throughout the process. Well done!

Finally, of course, we had our pantomime; Puss In Boots. Dedicated to two fantastic people whom we

have lost this year and the last time we will see Will playing his lovable Dame, it most certainly was a

bittersweet production. Again, a massive thank you to all the cast and crew who worked so hard to

get the show off the ground.

Of course, we also had a successful Quiz Night, hosted by Hazel Bumby who always makes sure it is a

fabulous night.

This year we have our murder mystery (Mutiny & Murder), Cinderella & Rockerfella, You Can’t Stop

the Beat and Aladdin all currently in production ready for this season.

Thank you for your continued support in helping to make The Bethel Crowd a success.

Treasurer's Report

Neville Bumby, our treasurer, then offers us the financial report for the year.

The year went well overall and we recovered better than we anticipated from the low ticket sales of 'Little Shop of Horrors'. At this point members of the society are given the chance to see the financials of the last 12 months and compare them to the year previous. As an overall comment ticket sales appeared to be down on previous years but we are unsure on the cause and are planning to put some time into trying to address that. Without the expense of large royalty costs for a big musical this year we hope to have greater success financially.

Re-Election of Officers and Members of the Committee

This year we had one member step down and two new ones ask to be co-opted on to the committee. This voted on and agreed to. The committee now stands as:

Chairman - Peter Schofield

Vice Chairman - Benjamin Kilburn

Treasurer - Neville Bumby

Secretary - Janette Hampson

Assistant Secretary - Lisa Kilburn

Stage Manager - Peter Schofield

Assistant Stage Manager - Austin Mulhearn

Wardrobe Mistress - Christine Latham

Properties - Carl Leatherbarrow

Librarian - Jason Taylor

Ticket Secretary - Bob Prideaux

Hall Managers - Bob Prideaux

Child Protection Officer - Lisa Kilburn

Head of Marketing Committee - Emma Higham

Marketing Committee - Benjamin Kilburn, Helena Carter, Zoey Tattersall, Graham Talbot

Production Secretary ( Cinderella & Rockerfella) - Graham Talbot

Co-Opted Members - Edna Crook, Dorothy Ward, Austin Mulhearn, Helena Carter, Emma Higham, Jason Taylor, Scott Jones, Zoey Tattersall, Graham Talbot

Church Gift Day

We are very kindly allowed to use the hall and church building without any hire fees but we do give a gift to the Church every year on gift day. At the AGM the treasurer offers us a suggested gift amount that the committee have discussed and members of the society are allowed to then vote as to whether they think this is the right amount or not, if they disagree with the suggested donation they can vote to give a different amount. This year the members present voted to give the donation suggested by the committee.

Social Events

- Mutiny & Murder Saturday 6th May 2017 7:15pm Tickets £5 (Book Now) - An evening of mystery and murder with cabaret style seating. As usual this event will include supper but you must bring your own drinks.

- Quiz Night Saturday 21st October 2017 7:30pm Tickets £5 (Book Now) - Hosted by Hazel Bumby, the quiz night proves to be a firm favourite of the society. Bring your thinking caps and drinks and supper will be provided for you.

If you have any suggestions for events you would like to see on our social calendar please do get in touch.

Future Productions

- Cinderella & Rockerfella Starting Friday 16th June 2017 Tickets £4 (Book Now) - This is our junior workshop production. Cinderella and Rockerfella is a modern, panto-style reworking of the classic tale with all the traditional characters: downtrodden Cinderella, Rockerfella (formerly known as Prince Charming), Buttons, the Ugly Sisters and the Fairy Godmother, together with a selection of additional characters, from music managers and paparazzi to good and bad fairies - all placed in a world of fame and celebrity.With fresh and relevant things to say about fame, fortune and how true love will win in the end, this Cinderella panto script is wonderfully comical. It contains fabulous songs together with plenty of opportunity for audience participation.

- You Can't Stop the Beat Saturday 16th September 2017 Tickets £4 (Book Now) - This is a musical revue featuring a selection of songs from our favourite musicals. It is a one night only production so grab your tickets before they are all gone!

- Aladdin - The Pantomime Starting Friday 19th January 2018 Tickets £6 (Book Now) - Our annual pantomime is always a fun family event. With plenty of chances to boo the villains and cheer on our heroes as they meet in this enjoyable story of Aladdin.

At this point it was asked by a society member if we ever do just straight plays not musicals. The Bethel Crowd stopped doing plays several years ago when the audiences dwindled but it was discussed that we would look into the possibility of doing plays again for a short 3 night run dependant on royalty costs.

The meeting was then closed.

If you have any questions about the society or how to get involved more feel free to get in touch via our contact page or Facebook.

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