Whodunit? Is a phrase that is often associated with the gripping storylines of your favourite soap opera -if you have time to watch them that is! Here at the Bethel we’re so busy we don’t have the time (boo hiss!).

Helena and I are currently working on/planning 3 of the shows for this season including Cinderella & Rockerfella and our musical revue- You can’t stop the beat. Just before those though we have just enough time to squeeze in the Bethel’s mystery tale; Mutiny and Murder (written by one of our own- Tom Hewat).

We’ve just completed auditions for the junior production and Helena has been working hard choreographing the dances, whilst I have been assisting Ben in the directors seat/pressing play when needed (it’s hard work-honest!). Once those rehearsals have finished we have been zipping over to the murder mystery rehearsals and working on that.

We are currently rehearsing our questioning and interviews but we think the most important question of all is: “what do I wear?!”

We are hoping you come along and join us in the fun with your friends and family and try out your sleuthing skills- or at worst make us squirm!

#murdermystery #2017 #Show

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