There's nothing like a dame.

After 26 years of amazing dedication, the Bethel Crowd’s dame Will (the plumber) Taylor is hanging up his dress. During his career with the society, Will has been sent to Mars, blown up a variety of ovens and scared off an infinite number of ghosts. This January’s production of Puss in Boots was his final performance on the Bethel’s stage as the dame.

Will Taylor is local to Westhoughton but can be seen fitting and fixing bathrooms all around Bolton. His years as a full time plumber and part time dame have, unfortunately, taken their toll on him. Mr Taylor says, ‘I’ve enjoyed every minute of being on the stage but I can’t handle it with my plumbers knees anymore.’

Over the years Will has brought much laughter to audiences of all ages. He brought so much personality to his performances that there wasn’t always space on the stage for the rest of the actors. After 26 years, Will finally got the hang of spotting when he was being stitched up. This skill would have saved him trying to reassemble collapsing chalkboards, begging audience members for a pound coin to allow him to release his trolley and being given a tin of baked beans in exchange for a cow.

Members of the society have fond memories of working with Will and are sad to see him go.

However, as one door closes then another one always presents itself and The Bethel Crowd Westhoughton are on the look out for a new Dame to carry on that dedication.

They are a close friendly group who love performing together and are now offering auditions for would be Dame`s to come and show what they've got.

If this tickles your fancy the Bethel Crowd are holding a meeting on Wednesday 28th June, 7pm, at the United Reformed Church Westhoughton on Park Road or for more information contact

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