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I wish I could tell you our full song list for the upcoming musical revue You Can't Stop the Beat (tickets on sale here) but we are being extremely careful to make sure that the evening will be full of surprises. Why? Why? Well our directors have worked hard to take you on the journey of life from childhood to adulthood and I don't want to be accused of rocking the boat by spilling too many secrets here, though for those of you like us who have far too many musical lyrics stored in your head you may find there is more than meets the eye in what I write.

Now rehearsals are about half way through and we are progressing well but I have this singular impression things are moving too fast. Everyone is working so hard and we are making memories that will last forever. The dances are pushing us to step up to the challenge but the post rehearsal aches are nothing like I've ever known before. That being said I wouldn't change a thing rehearsals are so much fun. I mean when I get to the end of a song and I've nailed all the words and all of the choreography, without stepping on anyone else, I swear I feel fabulous! There are still times when I get lost but then I hear the drums and I find my way.

Our directors had included a tap number to give us something new to try and after that first rehearsal I could barely walk, I didn't realise just how hard it was to move my feet in the right direction at the right time. Unfortunately, due to an injury (non show related) we have had to drop the number.

Having chosen a selection of songs that are upbeat and fun as well as some classic musical moments for us to perform, our directors then had to decide on our staging and scenery. As some of you may have seen on our Instagram we have some big boxes which will be used during the performances and this is leading to a lot of shouting of "No!" "Stop! " "Don't!" as we start to wobble or overbalance while using them. Dancing on an elevated 2ft x 2ft square is a challenge but we're getting there.

The singing is good, really good. For me it is the easier part of learning the numbers but none the less enjoyable. There is something about being in a full ensemble as they belt out these gorgeous harmony lines and you can almost feel them blend together as they leave your lips. Don't get me wrong the pressure running up to those moments is a constant internal chant of 'I hope I get, I hope I get it'.

Revues and musical concerts are fantastic though, they really give us a chance to stretch our legs and perform songs we wouldn't normally get the opportunity to do. You get to embrace those characters you dream of playing and for just a moment you can put on their buckle shoes and step into their world if only for one song.

If you are unsure about booking tickets because you don't want to spend an evening watching people perform solos or duets all night that's perfectly understandable but know that 'You Can't Stop the Beat' promises to be fun and fast paced, full of enjoyable dances and fantastic singing with big group numbers as well. Be ready to be awed by the wonders you see. I convinced my husband he will like it as it's musical because he plays guitar. He should have got his nerve up and said he wasn't interested but now he'll be doing lights and sound for us, he thinks it all got out of hand. If you're in the same boat with a lot of your friends tell them it'll be fun cheap night at only £4 a ticket.

If you're interested in getting involved with the society whether it be on stage or off it, our next set of auditions won't be until the new year but there are plenty of other ways to get involved before that so come and roll your sleeves up, so to speak, and pitch in. Whaddaya say? Say yes!

In all seriousness, we've been having a blast putting this show together for you so come clap your hands, stamp your feet and enjoy it with us. We'll go dancing, you bring a few drinks and have a good night. The time is now, book your tickets.

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