You ‘Aint Never Had a Friend Like Me

When it was first agreed that I would be directing the 2018 pantomime (Aladdin), I began to make a list of jobs that I needed to do:

  1. Find the perfect script.

  2. Choose some fantastic songs

  3. Agree with wardrobe on the eye-catching costumes

  4. Get my ideas together for the stage crew

  5. Speak to my wonderful choreographer about the dance numbers

Number 1 was easy to cross off.

Having enjoyed performing some on Ben Crocker’s other pantomime scripts, I knew this one would be just as entertaining.

Next stop; song choices.

This was more difficult. However, along with Helena (my choreographer) we decided that you just simply cannot perform Aladdin without some of the famous songs from the much-loved Disney film.

We agreed that ‘Friend like me’ just had to be in there.

We searched and searched for an arrangement that we both loved before stumbling across the version of the song we finally agreed on. Sure it was close to 8 minutes long, but we love a challenge.

Helena, Scott (our magical Genie) and I must have listened to this song at least a 100 times, but last night we finally decided to take the plunge and began setting this amazing number.

It was then that I realised that just like Aladdin, I had a magical genie ready to grant my wishes in the form of Helena.

I don’t want to say much more as I don’t want to spoil what I am sure will be a great show. All I will say is please come and join us on our magic carpet ride to China, for fun, songs, dancing and plenty of laughs.

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