Audition Tips

Auditions Dos and Don'ts


DO take the time to prepare your audition material – memorize the monologue and lyrics and rehearse your vocals and acting choices out loud at home.

DON’T apologise if your material is not as well prepared as you would like. We know that sometimes auditions are booked at the last minute. Fake it as best you can.

DON’T play your audition directly to your auditioners – we want to watch you, not feel as if we have to play the scene with you.

DO pick a point on the wall, above your audtioners’ heads, and place your imaginary scene partner there. Play your song and your monologue to your imaginary scene partner. Darting eyes are distracting, so really focus on this partner you’ve created.

DON’T forget to act when you sing.

DO breathe. Before you start. During your audition. When it is over. Breathe.

DON’T expect to get all the way through your song or your monologue. It doesn't mean we don't like your audition if we cut you off, it means we've seen what we need to see and we are keeping our eye on the clock.

DO keep in mind that we need to stick to our schedule as best as possible. We might not have time to chat and catch up with everyone, as much as we would like to. Please don't be insulted if we have to move quickly from audition to audition.

DON’T beat yourself up for mistakes you make. No audition is perfect. We are smart enough to be able to see past your mistakes and to focus on all the things you did well – you need to do the same.


DO fill out and bring to your child's form

DON’T expect to come into the audition room with your child.

DO remind your child that everyone gets nervous before an audition, even if they have done it many times before.

DON’T hesitate to ask any questions you may have.

DO read the letters we've written

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