Wizard & Happily Ever After auditions

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Sunday 18.2.2018, 1:00pm - Principal auditions for Wizard of Oz

Dorothy Gale 16 – 25 (F)

Over the Rainbow (p11) P7-8 P19-25 Aunt Em (Glinda the good witch of the North) 25+ (F)

ome out P7-8 P13-15 P22 P24-25

Uncle Henry (Emerald city Guard) 25+ (m)

Merry old land of OZ P13-14 P22 P57-59

Zeke (Cowardly Lion) 16+

If I only had the Nerve P9-10 P49-51 P66-68

Hickory (Tinman) 16+

If I only had a heart P8-11 P40-45

Hunk (Scarecrow) 16+

If I only had a brain P8-9 P34-39

Miss Almira (Wicked witch) 25+

P13-16 P31-32 P80-81

Professor Chester Marvel (Wizard) 30+

P19-21 P67-68 P87-89

Winkie General 16+

P71 P86

Toto (puppeteer)

Dance & playing with the puppet, following direction

Sunday 25.2.2018, 1:00pm - Wizard of Oz chorus, Munchkins and Happily Ever After

Munchkins, Happily Ever After:

Munchkin musical sequence; choose 2 other munchkin characters and say their lines

Nikko (commander of the monkeys)


Jitterbug (lead dancer) Dance

Dance: on our facebook page

Welcome letter

Welcome to the Bethel Crowd.

Thank you for your interest in our society, we look forward to working with you.

Inside this pack you should find all the information you need in order to become a member and enjoy participating in one of our productions.

We are extremely excited to be running these two shows concurrently this year, Wizard of OZ – our full society production (14th September – 22nd September) and …They all lived happily ever after (22nd June - 30th June), our Junior Workshop production.

Please note that, due to child performance licensing children will only be able to be perform in one of the productions, either Wizard or HEA.


Auditions: £1 fee

Membership: £5 (annual, March-March)

Rehearsals (building will open to cast 15 minutes before):

Wednesday: 7:15pm – 9:00pm

Friday: 7:15pm – 9:15pm

Sunday: 1:00pm – 5:00pm

Mobile Phones:

In order to comply with safeguarding laws, we ask that no mobile phones be used within the building. There will be a box for cast members to place their phones in at the start of each rehearsal.


The Bethel Crowd runs as a voluntary society with all members who participate giving up a substantial amount of their free time. We are always looking out for anybody who can help in any way. Currently our stage crew is almost depleted so if you have any interest in set building, props or painting, please let us know.


As with previous productions, we are asking for volunteers to chaperone the children throughout rehearsals. A chaperone looks after the children’s interest during rehearsals and the show. We like to have a large number so we can run a rota system, meaning you will not be needed for every rehearsal. It is a great opportunity to get more involved and to see how the shows are put together. If you are interested please let us know.


Tickets are available now for all of our announced shows so please book as early as possible to avoid disappointment. Tickets can be purchased via the Facebook page, website, from Ben at rehearsals, via telephone 01942 790579 or through ticketsource at bethelcrowd.ticketsource.co.uk

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