Directing My First Show...

This is my first experience of Directing and it's made me appreciate what other people go through when directing a show. There's been many challenges but the support we've received from Ben, Lisa, Christine, Peter, Helena and the rest of the Bethel Crowd have really helped in making things easier for us. The cast are making great strides in their acting and performances for each of the shows. They're improving their timings and stage positions as well. We're now wanting to speed things up so that each show flows better. Christine and Barbara have worked wonders in the Costume department. The outfits look fantastic and bring a wonderful display of colour and detail to each of the costumes. We're having our first Dress Rehearsal on Wednesday 23rd of May so I'm really looking forward to it. Peter, Austin, Bob and the rest of the stage crew have made some wonderful sets for us, really bringing the stories to life. We can't wait to get on stage and work with the sets and props. The cast are working so hard with their lines and they are appreciating a real passion to put on a great performance for everyone who visits The Bethel Crowd in June. Anyway, I look forward to you all enjoying our show 'And they all lived happily ever after...' Scott Jones (Joint Director)

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