2 x 2, canvas and paint...

So what are you going to do with that I hear you ask?

Well let me tell you...

We're the stage crew and with just a few screws and some other odds and bods we can:

  • Fly you to other planets or on a magic carpet

  • Whisk you to exotic locations

  • Take you down a rabbit hole or through a wardrobe

We're the engineers who bring your shows to life.

So how does it work?

It all starts with a meeting with the producer.

They explain what they would like from the show. We then calm them down and explain that this isn't the London Palladium or Hollywood and we then generally arrive at a suitable compromise. Being honest there isn't a lot we say no to!

We have built:

  • Rockets that fly

  • Doors that can shrink and grow

  • Revolving walls

  • Flying carpets

  • and space shuttles

We all have our different take on any given ideas of course and after a bit of discussion we arrive on a plan of action.

How do we start?

Location is easy with the help of some very talented artists our front and back cloths are soon transformed into new and mysterious worlds deep in a forest, outside the village or inside a spooky castle. So much so in fact that we have a couple of these in stock that we like to reuse from time to time but very often each new show requires several new cloths to be painted.

On to the big stuff...

This is when the producer usually falls out with us (sorry producers we don't do it on purpose!) Right if you could just sing that song one more time... Buzzzzz bang bang bang Buzzzzz

Yep, our favourite material 2 x 2.

This is where we really go to town. Let's take our latest production. The young cast have all learnt their lines and songs. The costumes are all amazing and what does the producer want from us?

Let's see: 1 x Tower for a princess to let her hair down 1 x Bridge for some goats to cross and a troll to live under 1 x Cottage for 3 bears to live in Oh and can we have a beanstalk! :O

Well we're the stage crew and your wish is our command, (to a certain extent!)

So please come on down and watch our show to see just how we managed to pull it all off.

#2018 #BehindtheScenes #StageCrew #juniorworkshop #BethelCrowdAODS

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