Comedy: When the hall is double booked.

OUT OF FOCUS Casting call:

Thursday 11th April 7:30pm

Performances Weds 18, Fri 20, Sat 21st Spetmeber 2019

An unfortunate over-booking of the Church Hall results in a gathering of a wonderful mix of local characters, ranging from Evonne, the nervous Vicar's wife, to Leonard, a man intent on delivering a talk on steam locomotives to anyone who will listen! Eventually they all unite to produce a pantomime but, as rehearsals proceed, alliances are forged and switched as the opening night looms. Events culminate backstage after the final performance

F5 M4

Helen Beever

Sue Dixon

Evonne Duckworth

Kath Enfield

Bob Enfield

Leonard Trotter

Watne Bryant

David Wright

Linda Hammond

Come on down to find out more.

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