Robin's bow is strung

Firstly I just want to congratulate all of the children on an absolutely outstanding series of auditions. They made our job incredibly difficult and it took a long time to build what we believe will be an incredible cast.

Anyone of them could have taken any of the parts but the casting committee had to think very carefully about who could play opposite who and which small teams would make the best groups.

We're very excited to be starting rehearsal on Wednesday 3rd April.

Robin Hood Ben W

Maid Marion Jessica L

Sheriff Charlotte R

Deputy Alfie C

King Richard Lydia T

Will Scarlett Charlie K

Little John Anthony T

Merry Leader Claudia B

Friar Tuck William M

Simon the Pieman Lily L

Ladies (Dancers)

Lady Jane

Mairead C

Lady Lucy

Bethany M

Lady Sarah

Elise F

Lady Mary

Aimee T

Lady Anne

Charlotte M

Lady Helen

Nina C

Merry Men

Libby O

Jess B

Thomas K

Musicians (narrators)

Jess T

Joel L

Katie M

Cherry C


Thomas C

Sophie O

Amy L

Katie S

Jessica H

#2019 #juniorworkshop

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