Casting for Frosted & It's a party

Wow! You all absolutely rocked and made our jobs so much harder than I ever thought possible. It has been just over a year since I was last in the audition room and I have to say you were all amazing. I cannot believe how the standard has improved. Keep up all the hard work that you have been doing.

Due to the constraints of the stage, backstage area we have had to limit the number of performers for our pantomime this year. As always, we will be having our annual Christmas show, which includes a children’s performance. It is very important that both the Christmas show and the Pantomime are huge successes and fantastic shows, so we have worked very hard to ensure that both casts are comprised of EQUAL TALENT.

Frosted, the pantomime


Zoey Tattersall


Helena Carter

The Snow Fairy

Alison Gregory


Anthony Talbot

Prince Anders

Caitlin Owen

Dame Florrie

Austin Mulhearn

Duke Wesley

Jason Taylor


Charlie Kilburn


Suzie Woodley


Carolyn Woodley


Mairead Coburn


Charlotte Rae

Little Ella

Aimee Tanner

Little Hannah

Kate Evans


Ben W

Bethany M

Alfie C

Jessica T

Lucy Pr

Libby O

Zach D

Katie M

Claudia B

Rosie B

William M

Charlotte M

It’s a party (Christmas Show)

Elise F

Jessica L

Lucy Po

Thomas C

Katie S

Sophie O

Lydia T

Lilly L

Rehearsals for both shows will begin in the first week of October. The pantomime chorus and the Christmas show will rehearse on the same nights. All other speaking roles will be given out during the rehearsals.

Thanks again for all of your wonderful auditions,

Lisa Kilburn (pantomime director)

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