It's a party

Hi all,

Just wanted to update you all now that we are getting close to starting rehearsals.

1) A couple of the cast have an issue with the proposed dates as they are involved in a dance show. Would anybody have any issues if we change the dates to Friday 13th & Saturday 14th December?

2) Our original director has unfortunately had to rescind their offer to direct. Instead I will take the lead, along with Dorothy to make sure that the show goes ahead. There may be some rehearsals that are taken by somebody else as I am already committed to rehearsals for a different play. This will have no affect whatsoever on the performance. It just means that you may see different people at rehearsal.

Please let me know if you have any issues or concerns. I will send out a rehearsal schedule on Friday (with the dates of performance listed) and then put the tickets up for sale. Either way the first rehearsal will be Friday 4th October.

Ben Kilburn,


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