There are plenty of ways in which you can get involved with the Bethel Crowd.

All our members and committee volunteer their free time to run and take part in the society.

You must be 8 years or over at the time of the show run to take part to take part in the show.

There is a small annual membership fee of £10 which goes towards our NODA membership and insurance in order to keep the drama group going.

Keep reading for more information about the roles we have in the society how you can get involved with the Bethel Crowd and our rules.

On Stage

If you fancy being in the spotlight then being on stage is the place for you. We try to put on a variety of shows each year ranging from pantomimes to plays, musicals to murder mysteries and childrens performances to Christmas Carols. Most of our shows will require an audition. When we begin a production we host a welcome evening where you will be given information on the available characters and roles, along with the audition pieces.

The audition is usually a small scene (memorising isn’t required but bringing the role to life is).
If singing and dancing is required for the role you will be asked to learn a song and dance.

If you want to be notified of the next show and auditions please Contact Us

Director / Assistant Director

Director / Assistant Director

We are always on the look out for someone who loves to get involved and bring a script to life.

Does leadership come naturally to you? Do you have a creative eye and an incredible ability to communicate that vision? Then you could be the director we’re looking for!

Even if running a full show seems a little scary we could always do with an extra set of hands helping the director.

Whether it’s with the supervising our performers running scenes or you just want to understand all the elements that go into running a show, then the role of Assistant Director may be more in your wheelhouse.

If you want to be notified of upcoming shows and you’re interested in lending a helping hand then please Contact Us


5, 6, 7, 8!

Maybe your talents lie more with movement. We’d love you to get in touch and set some dances.

In our Pantomimes, Childrens shows and Musicals we aim to have a good quantity of dances that cater to all our performers skillsets. Our cast can range from “never danced before” to turning up to rehearsal straight from a dance exam so we want someone who can bring out the best moves out of all of our performers.

Do you have a passion for dancing and teaching dances and want to see your choreography up on stage then Contact Us

Stage Crew

A lot more goes into putting a show on the stage than the people ON THE STAGE.

Those behind the scenes are some of our most valuable team members. The best bit about out “behind the scenes” crew is that there are a variety of roles that need fulfilling and offer flexibility that having to turn up to a lot of rehearsals doesn’t.

Here is a brief run-down of what our stage crew does:

Stage Crew – They are there on show nights moving scenery, handling props, working curtains and generally keeping the show running

Set building – Are you a dab-hand with tools & paints, we are always happy for additional people to help create the directors vision for the stage.

Props – We always need someone to help source and craft props for use on the stage. Get in touch if this sounds like you!

Sound and Lighting

Light the lights! Strike up the band!

Do you enjoy getting creative with lighting? Or do you have a preference for working in front of the curtain but still being a part of our technical team?

We are always eager for people to help with designing and lighting our shows and making sure our music and sound effects goes off without a hitch.

If this is more up your alley please get in touch


Do you enjoy putting together costumes or sewing?

Even if you can’t sew but feel you would love to source costumes to take our shows to the next-level then this would be the role for you!

They say a character comes into their own when they are in the right shoes and you could be the right person to find those shoes!

Get in touch!

Front of house & backstage

On show nights we are always on the look out for people to help out.

This type of volunteering is perfect for someone who cannot commit to a full rehearsal run.

Main roles consist of:

Box Office
Selling programmes
Working on the sweet stall or bar
Selling raffle tickets
Helping our performers get ready

Marketing & sponsorship

If you cannot commit the time but really want to support the good we do as a society we would really appreciate contributions via sponsorship.

Through sponsorship you could put up our posters in your businesses and establishments to help us market any events or productions and we can include your business or upcoming event in our programmes.

Contact us to discuss the options available!

If you choose to be in a show you must be committed to attending all rehearsals and be punctual. Please  inform the production team about any absences as soon as possible.

You MUST attend all performances of the show run, the tech rehearsal, dress parade and dress rehearsal for the show in which you are cast, ensuring you arrive at the required time and ready to start on time.

We remind all members that this is a hobby and as such we want to have the best time and experience therefore we ask all members to be kind, courteous and polite at all times.

We ask that all cast and crew wear appropriate rehearsal attire. This will be reiterated at the welcome meeting and clarified if there are any specific requirements. It is important to adhere to these requests at all times to keep yourself and other members safe.

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